What Your Bruise Tells You

Wednesday, 1 May, 2019

When 4 year old Kaden signed in to see me, I knew just from looking at him across the room that there was quite a story to go along with the marks on his face.

When we met in the exam room, he was lively and in a great mood; walking around a bit to check out the equipment and chatting with his brother. Based on this I had a vibe in the early innings that he was OK. More or less. I asked his mom what happened, and she told the story of how several days earlier he had “face planted” onto a hard exterior surface when he was sitting on a high counter stool outside. He sustained a large swollen “goose egg” on his forehead but had no loss of consciousness or vomiting. Being a #smartmomma, she did the right thing and took him to Emergency immediately where he was assessed and (thankfully) released

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