About Us

We at Pediatrics For All are a team of skilled, caring pediatricians providing the highest quality care for children in and around Bakersfield neighborhood. Our team has over 27 years of  experience in giving high quality medical care to children right from their birth till they are 18. We excel at providing comprehensive child services, treatment for a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions including but not limited to 

  • Consultations for expecting parents

  • Newborn care

  • Immunization/Flu Vaccines

  • Asthma/Allergy medications

  • Acne/Acne scars treatment

  • ADHD/Hyperactivity consultations 

  • Sports Physical

  • Treatment of ENT disorders

  • Childhood Developmental disorders like Autism, Speech and Development delay.

  • Childhood Psychiatric Disorders – depression, anxiety, behavioral issues.

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Commitment to educating future providers

In addition to helping children be as healthy and happy as possible, Pediatrics For All has a strong commitment to educating future providers. We provide specialized training on pediatric psychiatric illness like ADHD, depression and anxiety to young providers to help them improve their ability to deliver quality health care.

Little Boy Playing Doctor

Providing you with the best medical care...

Dr. Niranjan Dass M.D., FAAP, ACE

Education/Professional services:

Dr. Niranjan Dass graduated from Christian Medical College (CMC), Ludhiana, one of the premier medical colleges in India in 1995. After graduating from CMC in medicine he practiced as an ENT resident in CMC. Later he graduated with Honors from Albany University, New York. He then completed his pediatric residency at Texas Tech University and Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, EL Paso, Texas in 2010. During residency in El Paso Texas, he was awarded – Certificate of excellence in recognition of highest score in-training during PGY-1 and PGY-2.


While at Klamath Falls, Oregon, he was awarded 'Best Employee of the Merle Medical Center' in 2006. He has also been awarded for Excellence in the study of medicine by the Kaplan Medical Honor Society in 2006-Pasadena CA

Dr. Dass is a Board Certified Pediatrician.

As a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise, Dr. Dass has been a bodybuilder and athlete for the last 2 decades.

Dr. Dass has years of critical ICU experience in different organizations over the last 20 years. A majority of patients he has seen over the last 9 years were Spanish. He also had the opportunity to work in communities with Spanish as the preferred language. His extended friend circle includes Spanish friends which brings him to appreciate Spanish culture and its nuances. 

Cultural services:

Committed to providing the best healthcare to the children of our community, Dr. Dass oversees the day to day operations of Pediatrics For All. From hiring the most qualified staff to creating a patient and parent friendly environment, he is a firm believer in connecting culturally with his patients to better understand their needs and support their overall well-being. To this effect, Dr. Dass have trained himself to be fluent in a number of languages namely 

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Punjabi

  • Hindi 

Having done his undergraduate studies from Ludhiana, India, Dr. Dass is very fluent in Punjabi and Hindi. He is a regular volunteer in cultural activities that take place in Gurudwaras. His exposure to the Spanish community for the last 9 years has given him excellent command over Spanish.

Membership in Honorary/Professional Societies:

  • Member of California medical association (CMA).

  • Member of American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • Member of Autistic Society of America. 

  • Member of American medical association.

  • Members of Psychiatry Society.

  • American council on Exercise.