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April 15, 2019 | General Medicine

A Tale of two reactions

Here’s a hard hitting topic right out of the gate. Allergies are weird. General statement. Did you think I was talking about seasonal allergies? I guess those are sort of weird, with all that drainage and sneezing and everything, but what I’m talking about today is allergies and reactions to medications.

There’s a big range of drug reactions, hypersensitivities, and allergies—from short and mild to long and dramatic, and that’s why they make me nervous. And I’m not even getting into life-threatening anaphylaxis (sudden onset of swelling, rash and wheezing—like what most folks think of when they encounter people allergic to bees).

April 5, 2019 | Injuries

What Your Bruise Tells You

When 4 year old Kaden signed in to see me, I knew just from looking at him across the room that there was quite a story to go along with the marks on his face.

When we met in the exam room, he was lively and in a great mood; walking around a bit to check out the equipment and chatting with his brother. Based on this I had a vibe in the early innings that he was OK. More or less. I asked his mom what happened, and she told the story of how several days earlier he had “face planted” onto a hard exterior surface when he was sitting on a high counter stool outside. He sustained a large swollen “goose egg” on his forehead but had no loss of consciousness or vomiting. Being a #smartmomma, she did the right thing and took him to Emergency immediately where he was assessed and (thankfully) released


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Marchl 25, 2019 | Newborn Medicine

Meet Bili Rubin

When tiny babies come in to be seen urgently (I’m talking newborns here, like in the first few weeks of life), they get everyone’s attention.  Why is this?  They’re cute and small, sure, but there are lots of medical reasons as well.  There are many germs that hang around sick people, and sick kids are generally what are in urgent care offices and emergency departments.  Germs and newborns are not a great combination, so we do our best infection control measures when the 5kg crew shows up.  We try to have them spend as little time as possible out in the waiting room/reception area in contact

with the rest of the sick folks, and we place them in private rooms to avoid picking up anything extra than what they may have already presented with.