Consultations for Expecting Parents

At Pediatrics For All, we completely understand the excitement as well as hesitation in the minds of expectant parents on the steps they need to take to ensure the well being of their baby. As a small token of our commitment to you and your child, we offer free consultations for all expecting parents.

During these consultations, we will walk you through a wide array of topics that will help and support you as you begin this incredible journey of parenting.

We provide a comprehensive package of information about new born care essentials and medical equipment ( humidifier, thermometer, nasal suction) that are indispensable for new parents to care and provide for their infant.

If you are a new patient, we would also provide you with a tour of our clinic to help you better understand our working culture and experience first hand the pleasure of being part of the Pediatrics For All family!

To book an appointment, call us at  (661)631-2229