Asthma / Allergy Care

Dr. Dass has extensive experience in handling asthma allergy in children. Having been involved with multiple research projects in Asthma allergy, Dr Dass can provide customized treatment and care for myriad allergies afflicting children and adolescents. We specialize in allergy management and offering the best treatment suitable for your child. Dr. Dass had undertaken and is involved in special research projects in allergy treatment and care.

  We provide special personalized asthma action plans to have your child living healthy and play sports without any restrictions. We also provide customized peak flow meter to assess the severity of asthma at home. This provides the parents the ability to determine suitable actions to take in emergency situations. Our goal is to control future asthma attack and we employ multiple strategies to achieve the goal and prevent asthma exacerbation.

Allergic rhinitis (Hay fever) is most often caused by pollen carried in the air during different times of the year in different parts of the country.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis include 

  • sneezing

  • running nose

  • itchy feeling in the eyes


We have specialized in allergy management and have undertaken a special research project to find the best treatment suitable for your child on the the treatment for Hay fever. We do not believe that only medicine can cure your child and will test them for food and environment allergy and help pin point the exact cause of your allergy .

We measure environmental influences on your child with a multidisciplinary approach to fully identify the cause and provide appropriate and effective treatment for your child's allergic condition.