Our Services

Our team at Pediatrics For All is dedicated to the health and well-being of your child. Whether you have an infant, preschooler, or teenager, we work closely with parents to make sure that our care meets the children's personal needs. Our entire practice is built around the health and wellness of your child. Our services provide the highest quality care to ensure your child’s long-term health and stability.

From meeting with expectant parents to seeing teens off to college, we provide a wide range of services that benefit your child and your family. We take time to get to know you, your concerns, your family’s health history, and more to create a greater understanding of your child’s health and emotions. This patient-first mentality is how we approach every treatment, no matter the health condition, simple or highly complex.

Newborn Care

The team at Pediatrics For All has extensive experience in all facets of neonatology, from child birth to the critical care of newborn. With our comprehensive expertise we are well poised to address all your needs related to child birth.

Acne / Acne scars

Start with simple medications to quickly get rid of acne and then proceed with the treatment of the scars left by acne.

Asthma /Allergy Consultations

Dr. Dass has extensive experience in handling asthma allergy in children. Having been involved with multiple research projects in Asthma allergy Dr. Dass can provide customized treatment and care for myriad allergies afflicting children and adolescents. We specialize in allergy management and offering the best treatment suitable for your child. Dr. Dass had undertaken and is involved in special research projects in allergy treatment and care.

We provide special personalized asthma action plans to have your child living healthy and play sports without any restrictions. We also provide customized peak flow meter to assess the severity of asthma at home. This provides the parents the ability to determine suitable actions to take in emergency situations. Our goal is to control future asthma attack and we employ multiple strategies to achieve the goal and prevent asthma exacerbation.


We at Pediatrics For All do not believe in curing ailments with medicine alone, we lay a rather huge emphasis on prevention. Our dedicated team will methodically test your child for food and environmental allergy and help you pin point the exact cause of the allergy. We will further undertake environmental measures to arrest the cause of allergy with a multidisciplinary approach, in line with the latest and greatest developments in the field of allergy research.

Treatment for ADHD

Dr. Dass has taken additional training and is abreast of latest in research on ADHD, depression, anxiety and various other childhood developmental illness. Talk to us if you or yours are afflicted with any such ailments and seek intervention.

We will be happy to bring in our expertise to provide comprehensive solution to address your specific issue.

Annual Checkup

We perform in-depth and personalized health checkups, exams yearly to ensure your child stays as healthy as possible. Our annual checkup services entails complete blood work, PFT and EKG when needed, to diagnose the underlying conditions.


We at Pediatrics For All are vaccine pro. There is nothing like keeping diseases from ever happening. And that squarely resonates with our core philosophy of “prevention is better than cure”. Vaccines have eradicated many lethal diseases like chicken pox, measles, etc. Countries like Australia are at the verge of eradicating one of the most lethal cancers (cervical) with the help of HPV vaccine.


Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions pertaining to any vaccination for children as well as adults.

Developmental and Behavioral Evaluation

Dr. Dass has taken additional specialization in childhood developmental disorders like Autism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD), Speech disorder, developmental delay.

Chronic conditions 

We take great efforts in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases like Obesity, Asthma and Allergy in children across all age groups.

Physical Exams

Being an athlete himself for over 20 years, and a certified fitness trainer by American Council on Exercise (ACE), Dr. Dass comes into his own in the area of physical fitness. Visit us and find out how you can promote your child’s fitness.

Extended hours

We make sure your child gets the best healthcare ontime and anytime.

Childhood/Sports Injury Treatment

Based on more than two decades of experience in treating sports injuries, we ensure your child gets up and running as soon as possible.


Being part of a vast network of trusted and specialized physicians allows us to get you in touch with them at the right time.

Adolescent/Teen Healthcare

Approach complex and specific teen health issues based on psychological, social and environmental factors to improve their physical and emotional fitness.

Same-Day Appointments

Call us and get an appointment to make sure your child gets healthy and fit as quickly as possible.